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ASJMC Reports

Survey of Journalism and Mass Communication Faculty

Survey of Graduates (PDF)

Reimagining Accreditation

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ASJMC offers four types of publications:

ASJMC Administrator

The association newsletter printed three times a year.
Download issues in PDF files. To request printed copies: 803.798.0271

ASJMC Insights

A theme journal that features topics for administrators or concern in JMC Education. published twice a year.
Download issues in PDF files. To purchase printed issues: 803.798.0271

ASJMC Faculty Salary Survey

An annual report of faculty salary information.
Available in print only. To purchase copies: 803.798.0271

ASJMC Special Publications

ASJMC Special Publications includes remarks from the annual Gerald M. Sass Award for Distinguished Service to JMC ceremony or any special reports of interest to members.
Click links below to view the following Special Publications. Publications are not available on a regular basis.

2010 DSA Acceptance Speech (Richard S. Holden, Dow Jones News Fund)

2009 DSA Acceptance Speech (Charles Overby, Newseum)

2007 DSA Acceptance Speech (Mark Goodman, Student Press Law Center)

2006 DSA Acceptance Speech (Judy Clabes, Scripps Howard Foundation)

2003 DSA remarks (Lee Stinnett, ASNE) [PDF]

2003 Journalism Administrator of the Year (Remarks from John M. "Jack" Hamilton, Louisiana State)

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