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JMC Leadership Institute

Administered by the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication

About the Program

The JMC Leadership Institute is a program for administrators who are in their first position as a dean or director of a journalism, mass communication or communication program. The Institute will provide an opportunity to network with peers who are also new administrators, and feature small group sessions on the transition to leadership as well as current issues facing academic administrators.

2010-11 Meeting Schedule

There will be three all-day meetings during the Institute year, in conjunction with meetings most administrators will already be attending.

These meetings will be held:
August 2010 | AEJMC Conference in Denver
February 2011 | ASJMC Winter Workshop in Dallas
August 2011 | AEJMC Conference in St. Louis

JMC Leadership Institute Fellows

2010-11 Class | 2007-08 Class | 2005-07 Class

Ticket info - call 800-555-1212