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Welcome to the ASJMC
Resources for Contemporary Leadership

The Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication

A valuable resource for chairs, deans and directors, ASJMC promotes excellence in journalism and mass communication education.


Collegiality & Community

Handling and preventing incivility, insubordination, hostile climate, and crisis management. Building inclusivity, diversity, multiculturalism, and alumni networks.

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"What Am I Working on Today?"

This blog will feature articles about current issues facing an ASJMC administrator. It will be updated weekly, and posts will be archived for viewing at any time. Featured articles feedback is encouraged.

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Education & Equity

Enhancing instructional, scheduling and curricular issues. Addressing equity issues with staff and faculty involving salary, personnel and workload.

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Administration & Assessment

Handling and executing budget, grants, organizational and accreditation issues. Assessing curricula, internships and pedagogy.

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Recruitment & Retention

Attracting students, staff and faculty to your program. Building enrollment through scholastic journalism practices and improving retention.

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Leadership & Loyalty

Inspiring student, staff and faculty excellence. Building trust in relationships with personnel, alumni, Advisory Boards. Enhancing fundraising.

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