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Year-End Thank-You Correspondence

December 19, 2012

Michael Bugeja, director,
Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication,
Iowa State University of Science and Technology

Administrators look for occasions to initiate projects or propose policies; but one occasion arrives every year on schedule: the December-January holiday season. I use it to say at least one kind thing about all of our employees. And I send letters to benefactors, also thanking them for their support.

You may want to send hand-written cards to faculty and staff. If so, be mindful that both the design and content of the card is inclusive. However, email can work just as well when sending notes of appreciation internally.

I did that for the better part of the morning today.

In sending those notes, I am reminded of the contributions that so many of our faculty and staff make in the interests of students and our disciplines. That also reminds me of an important fact: They are responsible for the School’s success. As director, my goal is to give them the resources that they need to do their jobs.

A good part of those resources come from our benefactors. We raised more than $1 million last year in a recession, a good indicator of how generous and supportive our alumni and corporate partners truly are.

Earlier in the week I wrote letters to more than a hundred of them, showcasing the achievements of faculty and staff and crediting benefactors with playing a major role in everyone’s success.

As for me, and the typical administrator, the goal after sending these tributes is to find some time to recover from the semester’s demands. That includes spending time with family and scheduling medical and other checkups that you just didn’t have time to do during the semester.

My final thank-yous of the season are to members of the Contemporary Leadership Committee and to Jennifer McGill for her support and encouragement.

And also you, our viewer, for reading our blog.

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