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Year-End Strategic Planning

May 8, 2012

Michael Bugeja, director,
Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication,
Iowa State University of Science and Technology

Professors at the moment are busy with grading final exams, scheduling last-minute conferences with students and summer planning summer activities.

Administrators typically wrap up the academic year by compiling an annual report for their supervisors, collecting data on research (articles, papers, books, chapters, monographs); balancing budgets, including travel (especially important concerning AEJMC conference participation); making committee assignments for the next academic year; and even scheduling a retreat.

So the final days of the semester for me at Iowa State University will be dedicated to compiling faculty productivity data, working with my budget officer and planning an August retreat.

Usually retreats do not require much planning, but in our case, the August retreat will revolve around a 2013 Regents Program Review mandated by the state of Iowa. I was asked to provide a focus for the Regents review. I responded to the Dean by asking that it evaluate how well we are doing in meeting ACEJMC standards with particular emphasis on assessment.

Because the review covers much of what our 2014-15 ACEJMC re-accreditation review entails, administrators in the Greenlee School will be updating and adding to our 2010 self-study. We will use this document for our Regents review, rather than creating another self-study from scratch.

Then in the Fall we will distribute the updated draft to standing committees so that they can amend, add to or edit the document. Finally, we will approve the self-study and submit it to external reviewers by December 2012.

The Regents review is scheduled for March 2013.

Because the Regents review will focus on how we are progressing toward our next ACEJMC re-accreditation, it might make sense to invite members of the same 2010 ACEJMC team to do a site visit.

The lesson here is how an experienced administrator combines tasks at the end of the year to parse workload in the future while advancing the interests of the unit.

While professors are concluding their work at the moment, in anticipation of a more relaxed summer, administrative leaders are planning ahead and combining tasks and occasions to keep their units on an upward trajectory.

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