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Meeting Deadlines for a Program Review

January 14, 2013

Michael Bugeja, director,
Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication,
Iowa State University of Science and Technology

Many readers of this blog are concerned with accreditation site visits. But in many states, including Iowa, departments and schools must undergo a Regents’ program review to establish whether the unit is meeting state and national standards. Our review is scheduled March 11-12, and we have been working on details since the summer.

We have chosen our site team, taking nominations and submitting to Dean Beate Schmittmann the names of colleagues with leadership experience both in industry and in ASJMC, AEJMC and/or ACEJMC. Unlike an accreditation visit, a Regents’ review centers around questions submitted by the College in consultation with the Director. Those questions concern progress toward our next re-accreditation in AY 2015-16, our preparedness for a new public relations degree, our progress in assessment, and our and the College’s interpretation of the scholarship of practice in P&T considerations.

As the new semester begins, we are in the final stages of completing a comprehensive draft of the self-study. Then we will amend and approve it at a Jan. 25 faculty meeting. By Feb. 1, or sooner, we will submit the final draft with appendices to Dean Schmittmann who will add to it and send the entire package to the site team five weeks before their planned visit.

In the meantime we will be drafting a preliminary schedule and sending that to the Dean, too, for her approval. We hope to finish that within the next few weeks. Then the College will send that with the finalized self-study in mid-February to members of our site team, to ensure that they have sufficient time to read the document and prepare for their visit.

The team’s responsibility will be to submit a final report to the Dean within 6-8 weeks of their visit.

We are looking forward to the site team visit. Our goal is to heed the counsel of the site team and continue to work closely with the College and improve so that the Greenlee School maintains its reputation as one of the finest communication programs in the country.

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