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ASJMC Workshop and Panel Proceedings

ASJMC Workshop Feb. 2018 Phoenix, AZ

Transforming our Future: Innovation in Journalism and Mass Communication Education

ASJMC Workshop Feb. 2017 Memphis, TN

Facing The Future: ASJMC's Next 100 Years

ASJMC Development Workshop Feb. 2016 • Savannah, GA

From A to Z: Preparing to Recruit, Retain, Prepare and Graduate the Next Generation

ASJMC Development Workshop Feb. 2015 • Tampa, FL

Above & Beyond: Looking at the Future of Journalism Education by Dianne Lynch

ASJMC Development Workshop Feb. 2013 • New Orleans

More Like Wrestling than Dancing ... A Look at Managing Yourself and Others

ASJMC Development Workshop Aug. 2009 • Boston

Maximizing Efficiencies… Or Making The Case For Development?

ASJMC Feb. 2008 Workshop • New Orleans

Leadership 2.0: New Tools for Administrators & Development 2.0: New Tools for Development Officers

ASJMC Feb. 2007 Workshop • St. Louis

Tomorrow's Media Today: Preparing Journalism and Mass Communication Students for the 21st Century

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