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ASJMC Distinguished Service Award Recipients

The Citation of Merit Award was created in 1946 by the American Society of Journalism School Administrators to recognize outstanding journalistic service by organizations and individuals. When ASJSA merged with the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication in 1984, the award became known as the Distinguished Service Award. In 1996 the award was renamed the Gerald M. Sass Distinguished Service Award in recognition of the many years of dedication and vision that Sass provided to journalism and mass communication education.

2017 Keith Woods, National Public Radio
Clark Bell, McCormick Foundation
Frank Ovaitt, Institute for Public Relations
2013 Jan Watten, Hearst Foundation Journalism Awards
2012 Vivian Vahlberg, Vahlberg & Associates
2011 Connie Frazier, American Advertising Federation
2010 Rich Holden, Dow Jones News Fund
2009 Charles Overby, The Freedom Forum/Newseum
2008 Susanne Shaw, Accrediting Council on Education in JMC
2007 Mark Goodman, Student Press Law Center
2006 Judith Clabes, Scripps Howard Foundation
2005 Karen Dunlap, Poynter Institute
2004 Hodding Carter III, Knight Foundation
2003 Lee Stinnett, ASNE
2002 Jerry Ceppos, Knight Ridder
2001 Brian Lamb, CSPAN
2000 Bob Giles, Freedom Forum Media Studies Center
1999 Jay Harris, San Jose Mercury News
1998 Robert J. Haiman, Poynter Institute
1997 Al Neuharth, Freedom Forum
1996 Creed Black, Knight Foundation
1995 Robert MacNeil, MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour
1994 Daniel Schorr, National Public Radio
1993 Ruth Holmberg, The Chattanooga Times
1992 David Lawrence, Miami Herald
1991 Mervin Aubespin, The Louisville Courier-Journal
1990 Randolph A. Hearst, Hearst Foundation
1989 Helen Thomas, UPI
1988 John Seigenthaler, The Tennessean
1987 Gerald M. Sass, Gannett Foundation
1986 David Broder, The Washington Post
1985 Fred Friendly, CBS News
1984 Don Carter, Knight-Ridder
1983 Curtis D. MacDougall, Northwestern
1982 Bill Moyers, CBS
1981 C.H. Sandage, Illinois
1980 Walter Cronkite, CBS
1979 William O. Douglas, Supreme Court Justice
1978 Ben H. Bagdikian, Washington Post
1977 Gannett Newspaper Foundation
1976 Dow Jones & Co.
1975 The Washington Post
1974 Knight Newspapers, Inc.
1973 Bend (Ore.) Bulletin
1972 Cosmopolitan
1971 Newsday
1970 Saturday Review
1969 Afro-American Newspapers
1968 The National Observer
1967 Arizona Republic
1966 The Associated Press
1965 American Heritage
1964 Los Angeles Times
1963 Kerrville (Texas) Times
1962 Columbia Broadcasting System
1961 U.S. News & World Report
1960 Atlanta Constitution
1959 Portland Oregonian
1958 Louisville Courier-Journal
1957 Ford Times
1956 The Wall Street Journal
1955 Des Moines Register & Tribune
1954 Washington Post & Times-Herald
1953 Time
1952 The New York Times
1951 Milwaukee Journal
1950 Saturday Evening Post
1949 St. Louis Post-Dispatch
1948 Christian Science Monitor
1947 Publishers’ Auxiliary
1946 Editor & Publisher

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